Problems in the ankle or foot are very disabling. Pain, difficulty in finding comfortable footwear, difficulty walking, poor posture and poor gait all take their toll.

The foot and ankle – made of 28 bones, with joints between them, ligaments for stability and tendons for motion – is a highly complex part of the body. Reaching the correct diagnosis is vital in planning the correct treatment.

The most important thing is that you are seen and assessed by a doctor who is a recognised expert in problems of the ankles and feet.


Surgery isn’t always the best solution. Once an accurate diagnosis is reached, our network of respected podiatrists, orthotists and physiotherapists can provide the highest levels of non-surgical care. 

Only if these approaches fail, and surgical treatment is the right option for your specific problem, will we recommend an operation.

Whatever your concerns, our consultants will be delighted to discuss these with you and recommend solutions.


During the consultation, your specialist surgeon will ask about any history of injury as well as other health problems you may have.

He or she will then examine you thoroughly to determine exactly what the problem is.

At this stage, to confirm the diagnosis and plan the optimum treatment, further tests including X-rays, scans or injections may be recommended.

Under 18’s

At SFAC we manage ankle and foot problems in all age groups with the exception of newborns. Please be aware that each of the facilities we work from has different rules regarding consultations and treatments for under 18 and under 16 year old patients.  Please check carefully when you make your appointment.  Thank you.