Alex qualified from Charing Cross and Westminster medical school in 1993, and after completion of his pre-registration year decided on a surgical career. After brief flirtations with plastic surgery and neurosurgery, he settled on orthopaedics, where his original ambitions were to treat sporting injuries and return athletes back to function. He trained on the Cambridge Addenbrookes orthopaedic rotation, and at the end of that decided to further subspecialise in foot and ankle surgery. With that in mind he completed prestigious surgical fellowships in Cambridge and Stanmore, and spent some time in Minneapolis on a visiting fellowship.

Alex has been an orthopaedic consultant at Frimley Park Hospital in Surrey since 2006. He undertakes general orthopaedic trauma, complex foot and ankle trauma and all aspects of elective foot and ankle surgery. He has experience in treating bunions, forefoot pain, foot and ankle arthritis, ligament and tendon sports injuries. He is very experienced with arthroscopy of the foot and ankle, minimally invasive surgery, and also with newer innovative surgical techniques.

He has developed a network of physiotherapists and biomechanical podiatrists who are highly experienced in planning and devising treatments for patients who do not need surgery, or for those recovering from operations. In partnership with them he is able to customise rehabilitation programs and accelerate their return to sport and function.

Alex has been invited to speak and teach at national and international meetings, published and presented his research at the British orthopaedic association, British orthopaedic foot and ankle society and American orthopaedic foot and ankle society. He is involved in the assessment and training of the next generation of orthopaedic surgeons, and is one of the tutors on the Surrey foot and ankle fellowship. He has also hosted visiting surgeons who come to Frimley Park Hospital to observe complex reconstructive surgery, and organises a regional meeting with likeminded surgical colleagues to discuss and debate challenging cases.