Surgery isn’t always the best solution. To solve most problems and reduce the risk of complications, we always investigate non-surgical treatments first. Only if these approaches fail and surgical treatment is the right option will we recommend surgery. Our network of respected podiatrists, orthotists and physiotherapists can provide the professional non-surgical care you require.

Whatever your concerns, our consultants will be delighted to discuss these with you and recommend the best option for you, from the full range of possible solutions.


 Anti-inflammatory medication or gels
Over the counter or prescription pain medications
Stretching exercises
Shock wave treatment
Custom Orthotics
Physical therapy
Proper shoe selection advice
Injections for targeting and treating the source of pain


Ankle Injuries
Hammer toes
Fracture repair
Arthroscopy / Key Hole Surgery
Calf stretching operations
Arthritis operations
Morton’s neuroma

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The Surrey Foot and Ankle Clinic delivers much more than foot and ankle surgery. We can advise on appropriate physiotherapy and podiatry treatments that help put you on the path to full fitness.